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This page is dedicated to Captain Robbie Bishop who was killed while conducting an interdiction stop. Captain Bishop was shot and killed while writing a citation after making a traffic stop. Captain Bishop was a well known drug interdiction officer in the state of Georgia who had set state records on Interstate drug seizures. He had stopped a vehicle on I-20, about 20 miles east of the Alabama state line, at approximately 11:00 hours and was issuing a citation when the suspect shot him in the head. He was found by a passing motorist slumped over  the wheel of his cruiser and flown to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead at 15:30 hours. The suspect was captured near Toronto, Ontario, in Canada in early February 1999.

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Annual Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction, Intelligence Networking, and Training Conference

Aug 31st - Sept 3 2015     Cincinnati, OHIO



DESERT SNOW -Advanced Criminal Highway Interdiction Program

Lake Havasu City, AZ 

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area- Assistance Center

Miami , Florida

Mid-Atlantic Narcotics Training Academy-(MANTA)

Wilmington, North Carolina

Midwest Counter Drug Training Center

Johnstown, Iowa

Multi-Jurisdictional Counter Drug Task Force

St Petersburg, Florida

National Corrections & Law Enforcement Training and Technology Center-(NCLETTC)

Moundsville, West Virginia

Northeast Counter Drug Training Center

Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania

Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

Denver, Colorado

Regional Counter Drug Training Academy

Meridian, Mississippi

South Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

Miramar, Florida

Washington-Baltimore High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

Greenbelt, Maryland

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Camp San Luis Obispo, California


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Code Blue Designs Canine Record Software

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DRUGBEAT: One Step Ahead of Drug Traffickers. Drug interdiction, K-9 narcotic detection.

Hornbecks Training Center

Vohne Liche Kennels - Bomb Dogs, Drug Dogs, Police Dogs, Narcotic Dogs,

Canine Legal Update and Opinions - K9 Fleck

Little Rock K-9 Academy

Leerburg. Kennels & Training Videos

National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA)

United States Police Canine Association, USPCA, K9

North American Police Work Dog Association  NAPWDA

Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal detector Guidelines (Currency Detection Info)

California Narcotic Canine Association

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DESERT SNOW -Advanced Criminal Highway Interdiction Program


Criminal Addiction

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Road Warrior Interdiction Network

National Criminal Enforcement Association

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International Narcotics Interdiction Association

P.A.C.E. Pro Active Criminal Enforcement



Threat Level5 Criminal Interdiction and Search Tool Kits

Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO)


Contraband Detection Equipment - Sas R& D, Inc.


Drug Abuse & Reference Sites

Pill Identifier Wizard

Drug Identification Bible

Office of National Drug Control Policy - ONDCP

The Great American Chemical Chase

National Institute on Drug Abuse


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L/Cpl. Mark Hunter Coates

1963 - 11/20/1992

South Carolina Highway Patrol

Lance Corporal Coates, 31, was on patrol with the Highway Patrol's ACE (Aggressive Criminal Enforcement) Team working I-95 in Japser County. The team was conducting a saturation effort to reduce the amount of drugs trafficked on I-95. L/Cpl. Coates had stopped a car for weaving in traffic on I-95 near the Georgia border. While talking to the violator, a seemingly easy going individual, the routine traffic stop turned into a situation which is etched into the minds of many law enforcement officers around the world. The violator suddenly attacked L/Cpl. Coates, knocking him to the ground. The violator jumped on top of L/Cpl. Coates and produced a handgun, firing several shots, point blank, into his bulletproof vest. While on the ground, L/Cpl. Coates managed to return fire striking the subject several times with his .357 caliber revolver. As he retreated for cover, the subject fired another shot. The round struck L/Cpl. Coates in his left arm pit, between the panels of his vest. L/Cpl. Coates was airlifted to Savannah Memorial where he was pronounced dead. The violator survived the incident and was sentenced to life in prison.


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